Awesome Play!

Scramble is the first European-style play center in the DC Metro area. Now open in Alexandria, Scramble offers incredible indoor play every day of the week and fantastic birthday parties Friday evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays!



For your visit to Scramble, please only use the Scramble parking lot, where we usually have space front, side, and rear.  On busy days, which tend to be weekends or holidays, the Metro parking lot is a good option – it is an easy, traffic-free walk to Scramble!  Even better, make your visit a public transport adventure and come by Metro or bus!

Do not park in the adjacent Dominion Electric lot. There are new tenants now that wish to be able to use their own parking and they are likely to tow those visiting Scramble.

Play at Scramble

Scramble – safe, clean, and super fun active play whatever the weather!

No classes, no contracts, and no restrictions on when you can visit. Watch your children, crawlers to 10-year-olds, enjoy the most amazing play available in the United States! Distinct areas offer tailored play for three age ranges: crawlers to 2 year-olds, pre-schoolers, and 5–10 year-olds. Note: over 8-year-olds only when accompanying younger brothers or sisters.


5412 Eisenhower Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22304

Immediately adjacent to Van Dorn Metro and Bus Terminal. Ample parking on-site or for free during the weekends and holidays at the Metro Parking Lot.

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Note: Only food, cake, and drink ordered from Scramble can be consumed at your party

Scramble is the place for the ultimate birthday party! Private room, dedicated Scramble Party Host, amazing play, and with reasonably price food, drink, and cake options to give your son or daughter, and their friends THE birthday party to remember.

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  • If you have ever organized a child’s birthday party in your own home, you will know (at least) 3 things. You will know the mounting fear as

  • Fantastic! You have found the Scramble™ website and are now reading our first blog. Welcome, welcome, welcome. We are very glad you are here

Play At Scramble

Though parents or guardians remain responsible for supervising their children, activity centers within Scramble are designed to stimulate and encourage children to play without guidance.