Welcome to Scramble!

Fantastic! You have found the Scramble™ website and are now reading our first blog.

Welcome, welcome, welcome. We are very glad you are here and we hope you like what you see. Tell us what you think on social media – you will be amazed at the valuable giveaways we are running to celebrate our opening.

This is such an exciting time because this summer, all being very well, we will be opening the first European-style indoor play place in the DC Metro area – right here in Alexandria. You may have already worked out that we are calling it Scramble™ with the tagline “Indoor Play”. And “play” is probably the most important aspect of what we do. Our vision is to “Give children a better way to play”. And we are on a mission too!

Our Mission

To offer families year-round indoor play of the highest quality.

Our focus is on complete play for children from infant to 10 years old. Three special areas designed for children in specific age ranges will be waiting for you and your family inside Scramble. One entrance fee for each child and you can play all day! No reservations. No time slots for specific age groups. When Scramble is open, everyone can come and play. One adult and multiple children of different ages – perfect! Our play equipment is carefully designed to engage children in three distinct age groups.

For our smallest guests, we will have a low-level soft play area that represents Central Park in New York. Here crawlers and little ones up to about 2 can play on the soft padded surfaces and objects. Drive a yellow cab? Of course! Build something magical? Naturally. Plenty of space, too, for parents to play or sit comfortably and watch their children.

Pre-schoolers have their own area too. The younger ones may enjoy the Central Park area if carefully supervised, but we think they will want to play in their very own play space. It will have a two-level climbing frame – big enough for adults to join in the fun and follow along, and just the right size for exploration, creativity, and the blossoming imagination of 3- and 4-year-olds.

Our main frame play area for children from 5 to 10 years old deserves its own blog post! As a sample, imagine a play frame that takes you from a departure gate, around the world, in to space, under the sea, and back again – with much more besides this. This is the World of Play system built in the UK by the leading manufacturer of indoor play systems. Scramble will have the first World of Play system in the United States and it will all be for you and your children to enjoy! That is something to tell your friends and family about.

Follow us on Facebook for updates and information about the competitions. We are building a list of interested families to invite to help us celebrate our Grand Opening – do use the sign-up button to give us details.

Finally, check back here regularly to learn more about Scramble and how we are trying to give children a better way to play!

(Note – the photographs are of soft brick play activities in play other play centers around the world. Scramble will have its own activities that will look very similar and some that will be unique to us!)


Author: Laurence Smallman