Usborne Coloring Books

Usborne Coloring Books

By Angela Anaya, Scramble Bookstore Manager


I’m sure that we can all remember lying on the floor on those relaxing summer days with a coloring book and crayons. I also remember my older sister carrying a coloring book and a pack of crayons to high school in her backpack.


Adult coloring books have become all the trend these past few years.  While there haven’t been many large-scale scientific studies regarding the effects of coloring, you just have to consult Dr. Google to see that many art therapists and psychiatrists are in agreement that the act of coloring has many positive benefits for people of all ages.


The process and the act of coloring uses both hemispheres of the brain.  The right-brain, which is responsible for art awareness and creativity, is used when pairing or mixing colors. The left-brain, which is responsible for analytical thought and logic, is used when choosing colors or patterns.


While coloring may appear to be a distraction or a time waster when a more productive task is at hand, people with anxiety, ADHD, autism, PTSD, and other psychological challenges have found that coloring aids in better concentration during a lecture or group setting.  A coloring break helps activate the frontal lobe of the brain that, in turn, helps with organization and problem solving.   When the person goes back to the more demanding task, they may do so with a sharper focus.  Coloring has been found to activate the cerebral cortex so efficiently that some are studying if it can delay or prevent dementia and other age-associated illnesses.


As well as helping psychologically, coloring has been shown to be useful in helping people overcome physical limitations.  Many people have used coloring as a therapy to strengthen gross and fine motor skills during the initial learning process or in overcoming an injury or disease process.


At Scramble Bookstore, we carry a variety of coloring book selections.  Art Deco and Art Nouveau are full of information about the history of the styles and how they were used.  Many cultures are described in Patterns to Color books, including African, Celtic, Folk Art, Indian, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Native American, and Victorian.  I enjoy that the books tell which colors were used and why they were chosen.  If you have more of a flair for fashion, you will definitely enjoy the Clothing and Fashion to Color and Vintage Fashion Coloring books.


Many people feel the need to make the most of every minute.  For those, I recommend the Nature Coloring Book series. You can learn about Butterflies, Rainforests, Undersea Life, and Wildflowers while also obtaining all of the benefits of coloring.


Check out these amazing coloring books and all of our other coloring and doodling books the next time you stop in and visit us.  And please remember that your elementary school librarian said “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” Pick up the books and flip through them to discover all of the exciting details on the inside!


Angela Anaya

Scramble Bookstore Manager