Scramble Summer Camps 2018

Scramble Summer Camps 2018


Welcome to the Scramble Summer 2018 Summer Camp catalog.  We are pleased to be able to offer camps for Elementary age children (rising K to graduating 5th Grade) every week through the summer.  Though we are holding Arts & Crafts, Immersive French, Drawing, and Table Top Games camps on each week, the content of each camp will vary considerably so that successive weeks will not repeat activities.  Scramble staff look forward to welcoming your children to our innovative camps that maintain our reputation for high quality at a reasonable price!

Each camp will have these features:

  • Frequent play periods in the amazing Scramble play areas
  • Snacks mid-morning and mid-afternoon included
  • All materials included
  • Art & craft camp children will take home their creations daily, other camps will take home key materials at the end of the camp
  • Low children to staff ratios
  • Options for early drop-off and late-pick up at reasonable additional costs

The standard camp day will be:

  • Early drop-off from 8 a.m. ($5 per session)
  • Drop-off from 8:50 a.m. to 9:10 a.m.
  • Mid-morning snack with water
  • Lunch (bring own or order from Scramble)
  • Mid-afternoon snack with water
  • Pick-up from 3:00 p.m. to 3:15 p.m.
  • Late pick-up available ($5 per hour or part of) until 6 p.m.

One week of camp will cost $300 with an additional supply fee of $30.  This supply fee is the deposit required to reserve a space.

Scramble lunches can be booked for each day or on a day-by-day basis at drop-off.  Lunches will be $5 per day and consist of a sandwich (PBJ, turkey & cheese, or ham & cheese), chips, fruit cup, and an Honest juice carton.  Tell us of any allergies or dietary restrictions please.

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Scramble Summer Camp Team

Summer 2018 Camp Schedule

Week of: Rising


K 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Grad. 5th
25 June Arts Table Top Games Art – Drawing
2 July Crafts Art – Drawing Table Top Games
9 July Arts Crafts Art – Drawing
16 July Crafts Art – Drawing Crafts
23 July Arts Table Top Games Art – Drawing
30 July Crafts Art – Drawing Table Top Games
6 August Arts Art – Drawing Immersive French
13 August Crafts Immersive French Art – Drawing
20 August Arts Table Top Games Immersive French
27 August Crafts Immersive French Art – Drawing

Camp Descriptions

We have done our best to provide accurate descriptions of each camp.  The instructors will adjust pace and content to adapt to the skill levels for each activity and for each child in the camp – the aim is for everyone to have fun learning and playing in the best camp program ever!

Art – Drawing

This camp will allow your budding artist to learn different drawing techniques and explore their creativity and imagination in a camp devoted to improving their skills.  Comic strips, character, object, and many other types of drawing subjects will be developed over the course of each camp.  Campers will proceed at their own pace, guided by an artist able to show them how to tackle difficult subjects, inspire them to take risks on paper, and pull off amazing drawings to treasure.  Each camper will take home an art book used during the week.

Arts Camps/Crafts Camps

Does your child like to think outside the box? Do they like to paint and draw? Build something awesome out of scratch? Well this will be the perfect camp for your child. In this camp children will improve their visual processing skills, self- esteem, how to express themselves, and explore their creativity.  They will be creating in a fun and safe environment with our instructors Dawit, Joanna, & Lexie.  Camp content will be different each week and will include a wide range of classic and new art and craft skills that will produce wonderful creations for your son or daughter to bring home for you to see and enjoy.  In addition, each child will take home an art & craft book that they will have used during camp and from which they can continue to work at home.

Tabletop Games Camp

Modern tabletop games are great for teaching children important life skills as well as math, reading, reasoning, and communication.  Each week campers are introduced to several of the best non-electronic games of all time! The camps will focus primarily on fun while children learn important skills like taking turns, patience, following instructions, teamwork, and strategic thinking.  There is a progression through increasingly more difficult and challenging games at pace with each camp’s level of ability.  Children are guided though the teamwork of cooperative play, the analytical skill of logic games and puzzles, and the ability to win and lose graciously with competitive games.  2nd and 3rd grade camps will play more cooperative games and the Euro-style games that keep gameplay interesting until the last turn.  4th, 5th, and graduating 5th grade camps will play more complex games, including card driven games and role-playing games, including Dungeons & Dragons!  Each camper will take home one of the games played during the week.

Immersive French Camp

Take advantage of the critical time in early development when acquiring language skills comes naturally and easily.  This camp will enhance the development of primary learners in reading, writing, but mostly speaking and listening in both English and French.  Learning a foreign language can help develop higher order cognitive skills. Children will practice in the camp room from high quality books, one of which they will keep at the end of camp.  The real highlight of this camp, however, will be the ability to use the Scramble play areas to both role-play in French and also explore and talk about the different play areas in French.  This will make this camp exciting and unique – a truly immersive and fun learning environment.