Scramble Bookstore

Scramble Bookstore

By Angela Anaya, Scramble Bookstore Manager


If you are on this page of Scramble’s website, checking out our blog section, I can assume one of two things: 1) that you are well aware that Scramble is the most amazing indoor play area around or 2) you heard that you just HAVE to check out Scramble this summer, so the kids can burn some energy and you can stay cool in the air conditioning. What I cannot assume is that you know about the more recent addition of our bookstore.


As the bookstore manager, I can honestly say that it’s, by far, my favorite room in the whole building. Don’t get me wrong, our European play frame that has lots of cool facts scattered throughout about places all over the world and beyond is also exciting fun. But I’m a life-long bookworm, so a bookstore is like a second home to me.


Scramble Bookstore actually began with a small selection of Usborne books and quite a bit of open space. If you are nodding your head in remembrance, then you may have been one of the many that were so impressed with the quality of these books that you joined the other customers in digging through open boxes of books that had yet to be unpacked and then purchasing your delightful finds before they ever saw a display.


I was given the opportunity to join the Scramble team as the bookstore manager at the end of March. Since then, we have installed bookshelves and new spinner racks.  We have added in Kane Miller books while tripling the number of books that we have in stock. Most recently, we have added art supplies and games (especially my favorite, the Euro-style board games).


As Scramble Bookstore has become more established, it has begun to become more intertwined with the other aspects of Scramble. This summer we have several weeks of camps that focus on tabletop games. We are so excited that the campers will have the opportunity to learn and play many of our favorite games from the bookstore in the camps.


Birthday parties are much loved feature here at Scramble. In the bookstore, we are now able to work more closely with both the party hosts and the guests. Party hosts are able to purchase quality books and items as party favors for a discount. Party guests are able to purchase gifts for the birthday child at a 10% discount. On the day of the party, the birthday child will then receive an additional gift of 20% of the retail price of gifts bought from his/her gifts to purchase additional books. How exciting is that!


We are also looking forward to hosting homeschooling groups, learning opportunities, and other interested parties in the near future. We are also excited about the upcoming book fairs and fundraising opportunities we will have with the Scamble Bookstore.


Come in and check us out!  We would love to answer any questions and help you find the perfect book or game.


Angela Anaya

Scramble Bookstore Manager