Scramble is the ULTIMATE indoor play place for your kids!

A European-style play center with the only World of Play system in the U.S.,
there are plenty of age-specific activities for children infant to 10 years old.

Socks are required – no shoes or bare feet allowed past reception.

Open 7 days a week with no reservations required. Unlimited play each day for a single daily entrance fee – note: on busy days we may restrict play to 2 hours with the option to leave and return for free after others have played. Adults can relax in the café area, with its unobstructed views of the play areas for younger children, enjoy superb coffee, light snacks, and free WiFi.


Pricing – Play all day for a single entrance fee. You may leave and return too! Enjoy unlimited use of the play areas, free wi-fi, and all our other facilities.  Our prices are:

  • Weekdays – half price!:
    • Crawlers & Tummies: $5
    • 2 & Older: $10
  • School Holidays – 25% off!
    • Crawlers & Tummies: $7.50
    • 2 & Older: $15
  • Weekends and Federal Holidays:
    • Crawlers & Tummies: $10
    • 2 & Older: $20
  • Adults only allowed entry with children. One free adult per paid entry child. Each additional adult entry: $5
Rules of Play

Rules of Play –  Scramble has Rules of Play to allow all guests to enjoy the center and play in a safe environment. Parents or Guardians must supervise their children and explain to them the Rules of Play.

All prices include sales tax.

We accept credit cards and cash. Sorry – No checks.

Central Park

Central Park – Great for tummy time and sensory stimulation, infants will be at home learning and developing in a safe and clean environment. Crawlers and learning walkers will have a fantastic time testing their newfound freedom in a play area that is safe for the occasional fall.

Toddler Zone

Toddler Zone – Toddlers will be able to explore the great U.S. of A in an iconic, themed area that celebrates being American. The area is still soft for those accidental falls, with puzzles and soft play equipment to enjoy. In addition, there is a special play frame with a 2-lane slide that is large enough for Mom or Dad too.

Role Play Zones

Role Play Zones –  Children can work in the racing car shop with new friends, building their own sports car and then jump in to the seat and imagine speeding away. Or they could serve coffee and pastries in the café. And then there is the important work to look after animals at the vets. Or will it be the construction site where they can create new buildings to play in or knock down.

World of Play

World of Play – This is the first and only World of Play frame in the United States. Enter the departure gate to explore countries and areas around the world: Europe, Australia, Asia, and Africa. Or take the space rocket to our solar system.

Ball Courts

Ball Courts – Older children will enjoy practicing their soccer skills in the large Scramble ball court.  They can practice foot skills or form teams to stage their own matches.

Parent Guardian Groups

Parent & Guardian Groups – Existing groups of 6 or more may meet at Scramble on a regular weekday with great benefits. If you are interested in bringing your group to Scramble or starting a new group, please contact us.

Home Schooling

Home Schooling – In addition to our excellent play facilities, that provide educational and developmental opportunities as children play, Scramble can offer a classroom for use by your group.  Contact us to discuss how we can help you structure a day of education and play.

Field Trips in Alexandria

Field Trips – School and day-care field trips by appointment.  Scramble’s immediate adjacency to Van Dorn Metro station and bus terminal makes it very easy to visit our safe and secure indoor playground.  Please contact us, describe your group, and tell us how we can help your children and staff have a fantastic day out!