The Largest Variety of Play Activities In Northern Virginia

Many scientific studies have looked at play and how different types of play improve physical abilities and those related to brain development.

Gross-Motor Skills

Children of all ages get to use their large muscles as they move around, whether on two feet or by crawling, climbing, or sliding in the play frames. This is called gross-motor play.

Fine-Motor Skills

Fine-motor skills are practiced, for example, when placing blocks carefully to build a tall tower or tracing routes on puzzles with fingers.

Physical Development

Gross- and fine-motor play are important for physical development, both for muscles and bones. The brain gets to be exercised by movement play too. For example, when controlling the body while balancing, or placing a block in the right position.

Children play best when they are able to change activities as they wish. 

Brain Development

The brain benefits most from the types of play that are so fun to watch children do, such as social play, imaginative and pretend play, creative play, and storytelling or narrative play. All of these are types of play that your children will enjoy at every visit to Scramble.

Play at Scramble is fantastic fun and it promotes the development of a child’s mind and body.

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

-George Bernard Shaw

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