Kane Miller Academy Books

Kane Miller Academy Books

By Angela Anaya, Scramble Bookstore Manager


One of the hardest things about getting older is deciding what you want to be when you grow up. We ask the youngest of children this question.  We expect adolescents to be closer to the answer.  But by the magical age of 18, we expect the answer to be pretty concrete.  In all actuality, many adults are still trying to figure out what they want to be when they grow up.


I remember that during nursing school, I thought I knew what type of nursing I wanted to do after graduation.  At the end of nursing school, I had the opportunity to complete half of my preceptorship in a Level IIIB NICU (which provides care for the sickest of babies and offers too the greatest variety of support). With a bit of experience, I quickly decided that I would prefer a specialty that would allow me more hands-on care than what is able to be provided for these fragile babies.


In a similar way, children and adolescents who are given access to information and experiences can benefit earlier in making decisions where their career interests lie.  This can be done through talking to people in a variety of career fields, watching videos and documentaries.  And, of course, reading!

Kane Miller has created an amazing series of Academy books that allow your child to learn about different science-based career fields and to complete tasks or assignments towards completing the “learning academy”. The series consists of Architect, Astronaut, Coder, Doctor, Engineer, Scientist, Pilot, and Vet Academy.


Each book is packed with amazing illustrations, fun facts, and absorbing activities in order to discover the essential skills required to become the intended professional.  The books are broken down into different sections with each section containing arts and crafts, puzzles and quizzes, and/or tasks and missions.  Plus, the books contain a pull-out poster, game, cards, and sticker sheets to allow for more interactive fun.


These books are great fun and a perfect diversion for elementary-age children that are beginning to understand the importance of learning.  Who knows, they could use their academy training in the Scramble role play areas too!!


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Angela Anaya

Scramble Bookstore Manager