Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q. Can I bring my own food?

    Outside food and drinks are not allowed past entry. If you or anyone in your party has food sensitivities or allergies, please reach out to us at so that we can accommodate you and your guests. Aside from our discounted birthday food package, we offer a variety of other options of food, snacks and beverages at our café.
  • Q. What Decorations Can I Bring?

    We have seen every possible kid's theme of birthday party at Scramble! Please note that decorations are not included in the party package. No piñatas, face-paint, bubbles, confetti, or glitter products allowed as either decorations or party favors.
  • Q. Are Balloons Allowed?

    Helium-inflated mylar balloons must be attached to a balloon weight. All balloons are to remain in the party rooms. There will be a $20 recovery fee for each balloon that is taken out of the room. Latex balloons are not allowed as they pose a choking hazard for younger guests visiting us. We thank you for your understanding in maintaining a safe environment for all guests.
  • Q. Return To Play After Food?

    There is no return to play after pizza or cake is served. This helps keep our equipment clean and prevents over-excited little ones having accidents. We ask for your help in ensuring your guests remain in the party room once pizza or cake is served.
  • Q. Can I Stay At Scramble After The Party?

    You and your guests can remain longer at Scramble by returning to reception and re-entering at the special price of $5 per child and $2 per adult. We will look for your help in ensuring that your guests leave at the agreed end time of your party.
  • Q. How Many Tables Are Included?

    Tables and stools are included in each party room. We have about 3 serving tables which typically hold drinks, food or presents. Then there are 5 additional sitting tables that are typically used for guests to enjoy snacks, pizza and birthday cake. 1 sitting table is about 4ft (L) x 28.5 inches (W). See below for a picture of how our party rooms have been spaced out to safely accommodate guests following social distancing guidelines.
  • Q. What is your booking system? Do you take walk-ins?

    We pre-book for weekends and holidays to better temper the flow of families in our space. We take walk-ins all week long!
  • Q. When are you busiest?

    Our spaces fill up the quickest on weekends and holidays! We also tend to get waves of people around and after lunchtime, and whenever there’s inclement weather.
  • Q. What is your mask policy?

    Per current CDC guidelines, masks are highly encouraged but not required.
  • Q. Can adults keep their shoes on?

    Everyone is required to take shoes off and leave socks on.
  • Q. How long can we stay?

    You can stay as long as you want!
  • Q. Can I drop off my child and pick them up after play?

    Unless you are dropping off your kids for camp (after school, Spring break, or Summer break), you are required to stay with and supervise your child for the duration of your stay.
  • Q. Can I leave and come back in?

    If you need to grab something from your car or have a quick emergency to take care of, you’re welcome to leave and return without paying twice. However, if you are gone for a long period of time, you will have to repay the entrance fee.
  • Q. Do you hire high schoolers?

    Yes, we love our high school staff! High schoolers make up an important part of our floor team and camp counselors.
  • Q. I just bought food and drink; I can bring it inside, right?

    Unfortunately we do not allow outside consumables besides water. We do have a full, vibrant cafe for you to utilize!
  • Q. It’s my child’s birthday today and all their friends are meeting us at Scramble to celebrate. We can bring in balloons, table decorations, and cake, right?

    Happy birthday! With both private and unofficial birthday parties, decoration is not allowed in, since any materials could become a safety hazard and may not match Scramble’s message or theming. And as always, we do not allow in outside food.
  • Q. We just had the best customer service experience! Who should we tell about it?

    Everyone! You can post a review on Google or Yelp, or fill out a Compass Card review form at either of our locations.
  • Q. Are you hiring?

    Yes! We are hiring multiple roles for both locations. Email to apply!

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