An Awesome Party!

If you have ever organized a child’s birthday party in your own home, you will know (at least) 3 things.

You will know the mounting fear as you start to plan: how many children, inside or outside, the weather forecast, what will they do, will they enjoy it, and so on. This is just in the first few moments and these questions repeat as you plan and reconsider the options.

You will also know that it ends up costing much more than planned. Money seems to drip away in all directions as necessities for the party are bought.

You will know how exhausted you are at the end. Having been there myself, if you have organized a child’s party at home, accept my sincere congratulations. With 3 children with winter birthdays, I know your pain.

But what if I told you that you could give your child an amazing 2-hour birthday party in the best indoor play place around? That they will be overjoyed to invite almost all their friends to a party where a dedicated Scramble Party Host will make your son or daughter the center of attention. That the same host will help you and other adults keep an eye on everyone as they share play in the only World of Play system in the U.S. And then serve any food and refreshments you have ordered and help you carry presents to your car, and then clean up.

This is how to party at Scramble. You can watch the fun or keep an eye on your children from the café area, drinking great coffee and chatting with friends who have brought their children. You will enjoy the party as much as they do and share in their happiness.

The hardest thing in this process is clicking the Book a Party button. We have made that easy too – none of those clunky, mindless booking systems you see far too often. Scramble uses a fantastic system that lets you select your party and pay your deposit in two steps. We follow up with an email confirming everything and giving you a link for the online waivers that every family will need to complete. Your Scramble Party Host will contact you to discuss any special requirements and allow you to book food, refreshments and other party options.

You can have this fantastic party for your children for $300 at the weekends or $200 in the week. Your $50 deposit only becomes non-refundable after 7 days and you can reschedule your party up until 2 weeks before the date.

You now know how to give your child an awesome birthday party. Book online now!

Author: Laurence Smallman