About Us

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing” 
-George Bernard Shaw


Changing The Way Families Play

We are a European-style indoor center which offers the largest selection of play for infants (as early as 6 months) to children up to 8 years old (10 years old with younger sibling) on the East Coast. Come discover our World of Play system that will take you on an adventure around the world. Scroll below to learn more!

Tummies, Crawlers & Cruisers

This space is intended for babies and toddlers under the height of

World of Play System

This two-level play structure is enjoyed by children of all ages, primarily 4+

Role Play

A space used to explore one’s creativity and imagination.


The largest collection of Usborne books on the East Coast.

Sport Court

A space enjoyed by all! Enjoy a game of soccer or build a fort out of our life-sized building blocks!


Pizzas, Sandwiches, Snacks and Drinks. Now officially serving Beer, Wine & Cider!

About The Founder

A father of three and originally from the UK, Laurence had a vision that he wanted to change the way that families think and play. At Scramble Indoor Play you have the ability to do this because we have designed a system where it enhances the way children and adults play whether it is physical or cognitive. These types of play are “essential for child development and indeed our development as human beings”.


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Scramble Thoughts

By Angela Anaya, Scramble Bookstore Manager At Scramble Bookstore, we have made a conscious effort to solely stock books that fall under the Education Developme...